2024 - Happy New YEar & New Album

2024 Brings a New & Final Album  

Greetings from Portland. In May Transient Songs mixed the final track at Earwig Studios in Seattle with long time studio owner, engineer, and all around great human Don Farwell. From 2022-2023 I moved to Vashon Island, WA after 17 years in Seattle. With a batch of songs, the band reconvened at the Snakepit at home in Greenwood and we managed to get in the studio a few more times. During the depths of Covid a lot of shit happened, both good and bad. In 2024 the final masters were complete by our long time…

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Still Alive and Kicking 

I see the last time I posed on here was at the end of 2017. That's after the last album "Stealing Sound" came out, or a few months after that. It's been a long 2 years with this Covid situation. The first year was filled with wondering what was going to happen and a lot of listening to audio books and just existing. The second year was filled with trying to get the creativity back. My friend Sean French (from the Texas psyche/shaman folk band "Eyes, Wings, and May Other Things"), worked on a project that…

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The Winter of Our Content 

Things have been pretty slow on the Transient Songs front but the album has had a really great press run. Check out all the new reviews over in the Reviews section

We also have the new album up for streaming on the site for free so grab it!

In other News we have a gig coming up at Slim's Last Chance on 11/11 with The Radio Nationals and Suitcase. This is sure to be a fun night of Rock n Roll at Slims (what feels like a little bit of Austin to me). 

In other news our dear bass player Dayna who played on…

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Reviews, Review and Shows 

Hello Fellow Music Lovers. The reviews have been coming in strong and our album release show is scheduled for Friday July 28th at the Sunset in Seattle, WA. We hope you can make it out. I've also posted a new song below from the record called "Shoppin' for Coffins". Soon I'll post the entire album.

Here are a couple reviews and a new song:







A New Site, A New Album  

Hello All,

Welcome to the new home on the interwebs for Transient Songs. Now that we have a new album about to come out it's time to move of bandcamp and put up a site proper again. This album is a special one to me. Not only are they the best batch of songs I've ever written and recorded, I've been wholly present throughout the life of the songs. The players are familiar faces with Michael returning to Seattle after a three year run in Europe and a welcome new addition behind the kit of Mr. Craig Keller…Read more
"She rose up from the sand, put her cigarette out in the sea/her eyes took the form of a butterfly and she floated by me" - Stealing Sand

3/31/2017 - We are playing at the Sunset Tavern Sunday with a cool lineup. Here is the stranger link. Come on out and hear some good sounds

3/14/2017 - Hello again folks. Well the time is here. After much lingering being idle and such we finally have the record wrapped up and packaged and ready to start our press run with the ever trusty Kaytea at XO. Scroll down to check out the title track. We have a couple shows coming up. We will be supporting Brandon M Krebs for his CD release show on April 2nd at The Sunset and have another show we are wrapping up details on at the Lo-Fi in May. More to come on that. 

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