2024 Brings a New & Final Album

Greetings from Portland. In May Transient Songs mixed the final track at Earwig Studios in Seattle with long time studio owner, engineer, and all around great human Don Farwell. From 2022-2023 I moved to Vashon Island, WA after 17 years in Seattle. With a batch of songs, the band reconvened at the Snakepit at home in Greenwood and we managed to get in the studio a few more times. During the depths of Covid a lot of shit happened, both good and bad. In 2024 the final masters were complete by our long time pal and mastring maestro Chris Hanzek. The final result is the new album: “Comfort or Freedom”. It's the last Transient Songs album. Head over to the music section to hear it. It's up on all the Apple and Spotifies of the world preserved it all its digital glory for who knows how long. We are really pleased with the output and that wraps up the project I've had going for nearly 15 years with a great lineup of players: Michael (The Cap.), Craig, and Dayna. It was a hell of a good run and a good way to finish it up. So cheers to 2024 and the next chapter. Best - Jon