"He opens the album with a dynamite number entitled, “In this Darkness Light Seeps Through,” and its lofty, wandering melody line is the first confusing element in this eclectic melange. After the vocals really kick in there are moments when all the lines are blurred and you’re completely lost in the haze of everything that’s swirling around you. This is a rock solid piece of work in an era when that is becoming a rarity" - Impose Magazine

Story of a Band

Transient Songs is a Seattle based band formed in 2007. The band was started as a solo project by Jon Benjamin Frum after moving to the Northwest and leaving his bandmates and home state of Texas. Soon after starting to write songs for the first EP Frum met a Kansas transplant Andy Gassaway (ex Pomonas) that shared the same affinity for psychedelic rock and roll and the two began writing and recording the first batch of songs in Frum's basement. The output was the first Transient Song EP - "Plantation to your Youth" with Frum on Guitar, Vocals and drums and Gassaway on bass. The fuzzy hazy songs that comprise Plantation are are an early indicator of the bands sound. 

In 2008 Frum and Gassaway started playing with guitarist Michael Shunk but soon after Frum broke his arm on a mountain in Idaho and the project went on hiatus. After nearly six months of pain medication, isolation and calcification, Shunk had left the fray and Jon and Andy began recording the first full length in the basement again. The output would be the album "Cave Syndrome". The album is a reflective and dark album that glimmers with sparkling guitars and adorned with lush cello and violin arrangements by musicians Ruth Davidson (Moraine) and Amanda Lampreight (Amandala). The mixing The album received strong reviews in regional and national press in publications and sites such as Paste Magazine and Stereogum. The Seattle Post Intelligencer called the album  "gorgeously nuanced" with the journalist commenting "it has been quite a while since I have heard anything as good as Transient Songs coming out of our backyard." The album was put in rotation on national college radio and legendary Seattle station KEXP. Although the album did well, it was still a basement project. 

In 2011 Frum and Gassaway decided to shape the project into the form of a band and enlisted Ian Pina on drums. For a brief period the three started playing the Cave Syndrome songs as a three piece. One sunny Saturday by chance, Frum ran into previous guitarist Shunk in a bar in Ballard. Shunk was interested in playing again and joined the fold. Around this time the band began looking to expand on the textures of sound and Frum approached Half Light bassist and pedal steel player Dayna Loeffler about playing. Now there were five with Gassaway and Loeffler switching instruments. Although a sound started to form, Gassaway decamped for the sunnier skies of San Diego and Loeffler assumed the role as bassist. The four began writing a new batch of songs. With Shunk's intricate guitar parts and a solid rhythm foundation, the band took shape and went to Electro Kitty studios to record the album "Foreign Rooms". "It's an album with some good songs but I had checked out in a lot of ways mentally during that period. There were suicides and other personal things going on and I wasn't with the the songs, I was just playing on them. Sophmore Slump is a pretty accurate definition." Says Frum. Two of the stronger songs on the album were written and sung by Shunk. It was a collaborative album on many fronts but the band did little to promote the album and it faded into digital obscurity.
"The dark flames of Frum’s appealing fury is evident and enlightening throughout Transient Songs’ album Cave Syndrome, which serves as a powerful demonstration of spaced-out rock and roll that is reminiscent of old times, yet strikingly fresh. Sadly enough, defiance can disappear with age and responsibility. But, quality spin-drifting rock and roll like this well never die." - FensePost Magazine
Shortly after the release of the album Shunk moved to Luxembourg for a three year stint and Loeffler, Frum and Pina gave a shot at keeping it going but soon decided to put it to rest and the band parted ways.

After a few months, Frum started to write another batch of songs and planned on putting out the next release on his own. He began recording in the basement again. However, sometimes life takes strange turns. Craig Keller of Seattle psychedelic pop stalwarts The Purrs had recently departed the band. Going back a few years as acquaintances, Frum heard of the departure and asked Keller if he would be interested in recording some songs. During trips back to Seattle, Shunk would also play tracks on what was intended to be the next release in Frum's basement. With a batch of songs recorded primarily with Frum on drums. When Keller arrived so did the news that Shunk was moving back from Luxembourg and would be interested in playing more. The fortuitous events of Keller joining on drums and Shunk  returning stateside with his unique guitar style prompted Frum to contact Dayna about possibly playing again. With the right pieces in place, she agreed. Frum scrapped the idea of mixing the basement songs and instead used them as demos for the band. The band began rehearing the songs and the result is the strongest batch of songs from the Transient Songs catalog.

The album pulses with vibe and the songs vacillate from mellow interwoven guitar interplays to reflections of 90s indie rock. There are a couple of acoustic and cello songs to the album with cello by Barb Hunter (Afghan Whigs, Rusty Willoughby). It's an album that takes you deeper with each listen and inhabits a world of its own. The excellent rapport with recording engineer Don Farwell in his studio Earwig (both locations) give the album a spaciousness but the songs are rich melodically. "Lyrically and musically they are the best songs I've written in my life. My head and heart were in these songs in ways I didn't think they would be again." says Frum. The upcoming album "Stealing Sand" is in final post production processes and with a release date slated for June 2017.