Still Alive and Kicking

I see the last time I posed on here was at the end of 2017. That's after the last album "Stealing Sound" came out, or a few months after that. It's been a long 2 years with this Covid situation. The first year was filled with wondering what was going to happen and a lot of listening to audio books and just existing. The second year was filled with trying to get the creativity back. My friend Sean French (from the Texas psyche/shaman folk band "Eyes, Wings, and May Other Things"), worked on a project that that is simply music but not in a traditional sense. It just floats. 

Anyhow, back to Transient Songs, we've been in the studio and have nearly 8 songs with basic tracking wrapped up. A final session, hopefully, is on Jan 29th to finish what I believe will be the next Transient Songs full length output. After that session it's on to mixing in Feb. We are once again doing the session at Earwig Studios in Seattle. 

The record features a few songs with the previous album lineup of Craig, Dayna, Michael, and myself. A number of songs are just Craig and myself and a couple more with Michael (The Captain). Anyhow here's to 2022 being a better year for the world, be safe and strong. Looking forward to finishing another album this year - Jon