A New Site, A New Album 

Hello All,

Welcome to the new home on the interwebs for Transient Songs. Now that we have a new album about to come out it's time to move of bandcamp and put up a site proper again. This album is a special one to me. Not only are they the best batch of songs I've ever written and recorded, I've been wholly present throughout the life of the songs. The players are familiar faces with Michael returning to Seattle after a three year run in Europe and a welcome new addition behind the kit of Mr. Craig Keller. Dayna Loeffler is back on the 4 string jazz bass again and it feels like we have really made a special album. It was a long journey getting here and I was going to record all of these songs myself at home and mix them at a studio but after the band took form I didn't want the "demos" i had recorded as the final product. We rehearsed them just enough to make them tight but there is an airiness and pulse that runs through them from being some what fresh to the band as a whole. Anyhow, I'm really happy this thing is complete and seeing the light of day. Don Farwell at Earwig was the best engineering and helping shape the songs and Chris Hanzsek as always is the best mastering dude around. The cover image is still a bit in flux but it will be a picture of Sakura Sutter and the story of the image is inside the lyrics of the album. It's a proud artifact for me and that's a fact. Here is a song from the new album called Stealing Company to keep you company.  - Jon